Achieving A More Feminine Appearance After Male-To-Female Transition

If you're a biological male who is seeking to make the final transition to living as a female, you may be wondering about ways to minimize your more masculine facial and body features. Fortunately, there are a number of popular cosmetic operations that can help you feel (and look) more feminine. Read on to learn more about four of the most popular cosmetic operations for male-to-female transgendered individuals.

Tracheal shave

Formally known as chondrolaryngoplasty, this operation surgically reduces the size of your Adam's apple, one of the most traditional male traits. The surgeon will make a very small incision on the bottom of your Adam's apple and use a scalpel to remove the pointed front cartilage of your trachea. Because the incision is so small and is usually placed in a horizontal neck fold, there is little-to-no permanent scarring.


One of the first in a series of three operations included in "facial feminization surgery," feminizing rhinoplasty will reduce the width of the bridge of your nose, and may also make the tip of your nose smaller. Your surgeon will make a small incision on the inside of your nose and remove cartilage and tissue, repositioning your smaller new nose to be in proportion to the rest of your face. After surgery, you'll have a sore, swollen nose for a few days, and may have some bruising, but will soon be back to a better version of yourself.

Brow lift

Male eyebrows are often flatter and wider than female eyebrows. By having a brow lift operation, you'll be able to achieve a more arched, feminine eyebrow and can also minimize the development of any wrinkles on your forehead or between your eyes. This surgery is generally accomplished by making some curved incisions along either side of your hairline. Your surgeon will remove excess skin from around the incision and "lift" the skin of your forehead to meet the other side of the incision. This operation can often be performed in conjunction with a rhinoplasty and chin reshaping.

Chin reshaping

Masculine chins often project forward from your face with a squared-off appearance. Chin reshaping surgery can reduce the projection and size of your chin and may also be able to change its shape. In some cases, you may want to keep a (smaller) squared chin, while in other situations, you may desire a more curved or pointed chin. Your plastic surgeon should take into account your entire facial appearance and proportions to ensure that your new chin fits your face.