Mentally Preparing For Liposuction

Excess weight can have a significant effect on your self-perception. Individuals who carry excess weight can sometimes have negative body image issues and tend to have lower self-esteem. While liposuction is a treatment that can provide almost instant weight loss benefits, many of the psychological effects that come along with excess weight don't shed as quickly. Patients who take the time to mentally prepare themselves before having this liposuction surgery performed often have more healthy results.

Focus on the Good

Before you have liposuction performed take some time to focus on the good. Instead of strictly focusing on your outward appearance, consider the good you have on the inside. Are you kind-hearted, creative, ambitious or driven? These are all qualities that make you special without any relation to your outward appearance.

The more you are able to see yourself for who you are, rather than what you look like, the more positive your perception of yourself will be. If you're having difficulty with this step, enlist the help of a close friend or family member or a licensed therapist.

Be Realistic

Make sure you have a realistic idea of what you will look after you have the surgery performed and are healed. While effective, compared to other weight loss surgical methods, liposuction doesn't provide extreme weight loss results. For example, if you are a size 12 prior to having this surgery performed, it would be unfair for you to expect to come out of the surgery a size 2.

If you have unrealistic exceptions, you will only see yourself more negatively if your results aren't what you expected them to be. Before your treatment, speak with your surgeon to get a more realistic idea as to what type of results you should expect.

Don't Go Cold Turkey

Consider making lifestyle changes before you have the surgery performed. Eating healthier and increasing your level of exercise are just a couple of the changes you should make before liposuction. When you are actively making positive lifestyle changes, you often have a more positive perception of yourself.

Instead of going into the surgery with a decreased self-esteem, you can approach the situation feeling more confident about yourself. In addition to improving your mental health, making positive lifestyle changes beforehand can also improve the healing process and reduce the risk of complications.

The better your mental health, the better your experience overall. Make certain you are speaking with your surgeon, thoroughly, to ensure liposuction is right for you.