Frequent Ingrown Hairs: Lear More About Laser Hair Removal Here

Do you get ingrown hairs on a regular basis? If so, you may have encountered a few uncomfortable experiences. The painful or embarrassing bouts of ingrown hairs that some people experience can be effectively dealt with by opting for laser hair removal. This type of procedure is also ideal for individuals who are tired of having to shave or wax hairy areas of their bodies. The following information can help you to better understand this type of hair removal option.

What are the primary benefits of choosing laser hair removal?

This type of procedure is beneficial because it offers people the chance to permanently remove hair in unwanted areas. The procedure has a high success rate, but some people may require more hair removal sessions than others. This should not be of concern since other options for hair removal such as waxing only offer semi-permanent results and require repeated hair removal sessions indefinitely.

Why do some people require more laser hair removal sessions than others?

Skin type and hair type are contributing factors to the number of sessions and the efficacy of laser hair removal procedures. If the wrong type of laser is used, it can negatively impact the permanency of the procedure. Light colored hair such as blonde and gray may impede the process of locating hair follicles. This is why it is important to verify that the location you choose for your hair removal service has different types of lasers available. 

Participating in certain activities can also affect the outcome of the laser hair removal procedure. According to Web MD, sun exposure should be avoided and removing hair from areas using other methods such as shaving or waxing should be limited up to six weeks prior to your laser hair removal session. Using other hair removal products within six weeks of your first laser session could result in your removing hair follicles, which need to be destroyed by the laser to ensure hair does not grow back.

Should certain people avoid laser hair removal?

This is generally a safe procedure. However, if you have plans to have hair removed in an area that is tattooed, you may want to consult with the facility providing the hair removal service in advance to ensure that the person who performs the service has the skills to navigate around the tattooed area, which in many cases will not be a problem. However, some tattoos are intricately designed, and lasers are attracted to pigment. This could result in the colors in your tattoo being altered, or it could cause a skin irritation such as blistering to occur. 

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