Better Wash That Makeup Off Your Face At Night Or You Will Have Problems

After a long day, you should make sure you wash your face before you go to bed to remove your makeup, as well as any other built-up dirt and oil. If you do not take the time out of your schedule to do this, it can result in many problems, three of which are listed below.


Even if you are young, not taking care of your skin can cause wrinkles. Free radicals can form from stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, air pollutants, and exposure to sunlight. These radicals will stay on your skin until you clean your face. It is important to clean them off, as the free radicals cause your collagen to breakdown. Collagen is a protein that your cells produce that holds your skin together to keep it firm. If this collagen breaks down, your skin loses this firmness, and you will start seeing fine lines on your face.

Eyelid Cysts

When you sleep with your makeup on, eyelash dander builds up, which causes the oil glands next to each eyelash to become blocked, and this can cause eyelid cysts. Below are two common types of eyelid cysts:

  • Stye: A style is an abscess that builds up in the oil glands in your eyelashes, which causes an infection. This results in a cyst that is tender to the touch, swollen, and red.
  • Chalazia: If you do not treat a stye, it can lead to chalazia, which is a hard lump on your eyelid.

Other things can also cause this problem, including staph bacteria, dirty contact lenses, and chronic blepharitis.

Skin Cannot Repair Itself

While you are sleeping, your skin is hard at work to fix the damage it has gone through during the day. It also works much harder at night than it does during the day. Your skin needs oxygen in order to do this, and it cannot get as much oxygen if you go to bed with a dirty face.

If you like to use things like anti-acne or anti-aging products on your skin at night, they will work much better on clean skin. This is because the dirt and makeup will block these ingredients. Besides having a clean face, make sure you get enough sleep so your skin has time to do this repair work.

See your dermatologist if you have any other skin care questions. They can give you many tips on proper skin care so you can keep those wrinkles away from you.