Breast Augmentation Techniques To Reduce Scarring

If you want breast implants, but are concerned about the possible scarring around the breasts, then you should speak to a cosmetic professional about breast augmentation. The professional can work with you to choose a surgical technique that can reduce scarring significantly. There are a few techniques that are most likely to minimize scarring, so keep reading to learn what they are.


If you are concerned about the scar tissue that may build around the breasts, then you can discuss a trans-axillary procedure. Unlike other techniques, the procedure involves an incision placed just underneath the armpit. The incision is usually one to two inches long, and the muscles are separated from the chest to open up a hole where the implant can be inserted. The implant is then moved to the breast area. 

If a saline implant is used, then the casing may be only partially filled before insertion. This allows for easy placement of the implant through a smaller opening. Saline can then be added to the correct volume.

The trans-axillary procedure has the advantage of damaging very little tissue and compromising few, if any, major blood vessels. Swelling is often reduced in the breast area as well, and scars are typically hidden in the folds of the armpit skin. However, you do want to care for the incision site properly so that scars are not visible when you raise your arms above your head.


If you like the idea of a small scar away from the breast, then a trans-umbilical operation is possible as well. Like the trans-axillary procedure, a small incision is created. This time, it is created at the top ridge of the belly button where the skin gently folds over. Once an incision is made in the region, two tunnels are created with an endoscope to the breasts. Implants are rolled up, inserted through the tunnels, and moved into the breasts. 

The implants are filled afterward. Since saline implants are the ones that can be filled after insertion, the technique can only be used with these implants. 

Other Procedures

There are some situations where the breast itself will need to be cut. For example, if you want a breast lift, then the chest muscles will need some modifications. This requires an inframammary procedure in most cases where an incision is placed along the fold that sits underneath the breast. 

While incisions in this region used to be quite large, a smaller two-inch incision may be possible. If you want to know more about breast implants, surgical techniques, and scarring, speak with a cosmetic professional.