3 Advantages To Choosing Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Although the name might sound silly, the results are anything but. Many women have chosen so-called gummy bear breast implants to get the look that they want, and there are several good reasons for it. If you're trying to make up your mind about which type of implants are right for you, consider these reasons to think about gummy bear implants before making your decision.

Realistic Feel

For obvious reasons, most women aren't just looking for an increase in size, but for a believable feel to the breast. Since gummy bear implants are made out of silicone, they can offer that realistic feel.

Most women prefer silicone over saline implants, making them the more popular implant, simply because they mimic the feeling of real tissue better than saline implants can. This means you can expect your bust to look and feel normal under clothing or when using garments with a push-up effect.

Realistic Shape

Another reason gummy bear implants are so popular is the same reason for their name: their shape.

Gummy bear implants aren't oval or round. Instead, they're shaped more like a teardrop - larger on the bottom, tapered at the top. This provides a very realistic look that works well for many women. This is in contrast to oval and round implants, which can often change the overall shape of a woman's breasts and make it more obvious that they've undergone breast augmentation. If you want your bust to be impressive but realistic looking, the gummy bears are a good choice for you.

Less Likely to Shift

While it is rare, it's possible for breast implants to shift under the skin. This doesn't cause any risk to one's health, but it can lead to the breasts looking odd until the position can be righted again. However, this is far less likely to occur with gummy bear implants. Since gummy bears are heavier at the bottom, they work with gravity and can't easily shift out of the position they were placed in by a surgeon. This means you can expect your implants to deliver the same look they did the day they were put in for as long as you have them.

If you're trying to decide between different types of breast augmentation surgery, talk to your doctor about getting gummy bear breast implants. They can offer women the boost they're looking for while being a safe and reliable choice.