What To Expect After Having Liposuction

If you are planning on having a liposuction procedure done in the near future, no matter what area of your body you are going to be focusing on, you will want to know as much as you can about the recovery time afterwards. Knowing what to expect can make the entire experience a little easier to deal with. Here are a few things to help guide you through what you are going to go through after you come home from the procedure:

There Will Be Some Swelling

It is normal to have some swelling. The amount of swelling that you may end up with will vary based on the area where the liposuction was done and how much time was spent working on that area. Regardless of the amount, you should find that the swelling should start to subside after a couple of weeks.

You Will Have Some Bruising

You may come home from the liposuction procedure with excitement that you are not bruised. However, the bruising will usually develop within the first day or two of being home. It can continue to get a little worse as the days pass by, but the bruising should start to diminish after a couple of weeks. Depending on where on your body you had the liposuction, you may be able to hide a lot of the bruising under your clothing, so you will not have to worry about people looking at you as though you got into a fight and lost. You can also avoid people asking whether you had liposuction done, especially if this is something that you want to keep private. 

You Might Have Some Drainage

There may be drainage coming from the surgical site, so it is important to make sure that you are frequently changing your bandages until the bleeding and drainage stops. You should also notice that the amount of drainage that you are having should begin to slow down. If it does not slow down, or it actually starts to get worse, you will want to contact your surgeon. Should you start to have an extreme amount of drainage or blood coming from your surgical site, it may be best to visit a nearby emergency room for an evaluation.

With those few points in mind, you should have an easy time being prepared for your recovery time after your liposuction procedure. You might also want to ask your surgeon if there is anything else that you should expect. He or she might even have a pamphlet of information that can be helpful.