How Your Weight Affects Your Legs And Feet

If you are overweight, then you are increasing your chances of developing many different types of health issues. High blood pressure and diabetes are just two examples of the types of problems you can end up developing. Also, carrying an excess amount of weight on your person can lead to problems with your legs and feet. You can learn about some of the different worries you should have about your legs and feet when you are overweight by reading this article.

Stress fractures

You may know that fractures are something that can happen to your bones when you do something that causes an actual injury. However, stress fractures are something that can happen to y our bones when too much stress is put on them. Especially when that stress is put on those bones on a regular basis. When you are overweight, your small feet will constantly be under the stress of that weight and this can easily cause stress fractures. You will be even more at risk of stress fractures when you wear the wrong shoes, especially shoes with lifted heels that cause a lot of stress to be placed on the balls of your feet. As you lose weight, your risk of stress fractures can steadily decrease as your weight does.

Tripping accidents

When you are overweight, it can cause you to become off-balance easier. Also, you can have a more difficult time when it comes to seeing where you are walking. This is especially true when you are walking downhill, or on uneven ground. When you are overweight, you may not be able to see directly in front of your feet due to a larger belly, and this is where a lot of that extra tripping hazard comes from. When you are overweight, you are going to want to make sure that you don't take a step unless you know what is in front of you because your injuries can also be worse when you weigh more.

Foot conditions

When you have more weight pressing down on your feet every day, it can also put you at an even bigger risk of developing foot problems that can be very painful and that can end up being permanent issues. One of these types of problems that you can find yourself dealing with is a condition called plantar fasciitis. It is caused when there is stress or an injury to the plantar fascia and it leaves you with intense pains on the bottoms of your feet, especially in the morning.

Spider veins

When you are overweight, you will also increase your chances of developing spider veins in your legs. These veins are not only unattractive, which can leave you wanting to always wear pants, even on hot days, but they can also cause you pain. If you have spider veins, then you will be glad to know that you can undergo vein therapy to have them removed. However, unless you also start taking steps to lose all that extra weight, you will still have an increased chance of them returning.