Weight Loss, Now What? 3 Reasons To Consider Plastic Surgery

Losing a significant amount of weight and keeping it off is no small task. Once you have reached your goals, there may be residual issues related to previously being overweight. Plastic surgery is often the next step to either address concerns or move one step closer to your goals.

Skin Irritation

You may have experienced skin rashes or infections when you were overweight, and many people think these issues will resolve after they lose weight. Unfortunately, depending on how your body is shaped and the amount of weight you lost, these issues can be more pronounced. Typically, the abdominal area has significant loose skin that hangs and creates new skin folds where moisture can remain. Another common area can be underneath the breasts. Much of the loose skin on your abdomen can be eliminated through surgery. Depending on the extent of loose skin and where it is located, you may need an abdominoplasty, or a panniculectomy to reduce the amount of excess skin on the lower abdomen. Women with sagging breasts may choose to have a breast lift with or without implants.


Part of losing weight and keeping it off involves exercise. Many people who have lost a significant amount of weight have turned to regular, intense exercise, but find they are limited by loose skin. Not only does the friction associated with loose skin contribute to skin issues, it can also be painful. Large amounts of loose skin can pull on you while you are running or doing other high-impact exercise. Additionally, there can be some self-consciousness if your loose skin creates noise when you move. After healing from plastic surgery, it becomes easier to engage in physical activity. Many people are relieved they no longer need to wear compression garments to keep their loose skin in place.


Having plastic surgery after significant weight loss does not need to involve physical or medical limitations associated with excess skin. Surgery can be the right option purely as a confidence-booster. Some people who were overweight struggled with their body image and self-confidence, only to find these issues remained or were magnified when the reality of weight loss was different than their ideal. Brachioplasty and a lower-body lift are some common surgeries used to improve self-confidence and to look better in clothing. Constantly covering your arms and legs because of loose skin often means you are unable to enjoy the warmer months. Improved surgical techniques have significantly minimized the scars associated with brachioplasty, so more people are free to wear short-sleeves with confidence.

Making it past the hurdle of losing a significant amount of weight is just one piece of the puzzle. When you are left with loose skin or you cannot enjoy your body because you feel self-conscious, plastic surgery is the next step.