Freezing Away Stubborn Fat

One problem that many people have is to get rid of stubborn fat that prevents them from being their ideal size. Stubborn fat can remain in your body no matter how much time you spend in the gym, dieting, or participating in weight-loss programs. Dealing with such a problem can make someone feel like giving up, but the answer might actually be to seek help from a professional. For instance, if you visit a cosmetic specialist, he or she can assist with getting rid of your problematic fatty areas of your body as long as you are a good candidate. One procedure that you might find interesting is called CoolSculpting, and it will not require any surgery being done.

What CoolSculpting Involves

If you decide to undergo a CoolSculpting procedure, there isn't anything complicated done during the process. Basically, you will be treated on an outpatient basis with a cooling panel that is attached to a machine. The cooling panel will be used to freeze the stubborn fat that you are trying to get rid of. The area of your body that is being treated will become numb as the panel begins to freeze the fat, which will make you feel more comfortable. After the freezing process is complete, the specialist will perform a brief massage on the treated area to break up the fat cells that were killed during the procedure, but you shouldn't expect to fully see the results until a few months have passed.

Areas That Can Be Treated

You might not be a good candidate for the procedure if your intent is to lose a lot of weight. You can lose small portions of fat cells in areas such as the upper arms, thighs, and chin. If you have stubborn abdomen fat that was left behind after undergoing a procedure such as a C-section, the CoolSculpting procedure might be for you. Basically, any stubborn abdomen fat in women or men can possibly be reduced after undergoing the procedure. Explain the problematic areas of your body, and the specialist will let you know if freezing the fat is the ideal resolution or not.

Safety Information to Know

You will be asked if you suffer from several diseases before a specialist will consider you a candidate for this treatment. For instance, if you have cryoglobulinemia, you are not likely to be a good candidate. You should also know that there will be the sensation of pulling, brief stinging, and aching as well as a large amount of coldness during the procedure. You might experience other sensations as well depending on where fat is being frozen. 

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