3 Signs You Need To Try Botox

Botox is one of those things that's easy to have done, fairly affordable to get, and it can do wonders for your skin. As something that has practically become a household name, if you have never tried it yourself then you may be wondering whether or not you should get it done. From having too much facial movement to wanting to prevent aging, there are a few different reasons why you may want to consider getting a Botox procedure

Too Much Facial Movement

Typically, when you go into a cosmetic office to have Botox, they will have you scrunch up your face to try to make certain facial movements, and then they will ask you to relax. How long it takes your skin to go back to normal once you have relaxed will help your injector determine how much Botox you need, where you need it, and ultimately if you need it. 

You can also try this test at home. Simply scrunch up your face and try to make certain movements with your forehead, then relax. As soon as you relax, see if your forehead stays with hose wrinkles in place for a long time or if it goes back to a smooth complexion. If it takes a little while, then it's time for Botox. 

You Have Existing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

If you have existing fine lines and wrinkles across your forehead or around your eyes then you may be the perfect candidate for Botox. By relaxing your facial muscles when injected into them, Botox is great at smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on how deep your wrinkles are and how many you have will determine how much Botox your injector recommends. 

You Want to Prevent Wrinkles

If you are in your twenties or even in your early thirties, you may not have any signs of premature aging to worry about. However, that doesn't mean they won't eventually come. Many injectors now use Botox ax a preventative tool to postpone the number of lines you get and when you get them. By preventing you from making facial movements that cause wrinkles, you are less likely to get as many of them so early on. If you do get Botox for preventative reasons, they will typically only have to use a small amount which is really nice and can save you money. 

To learn more about Botox treatment, reach out to an injector in your area.