An Introduction To Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery can help people in so many ways. It is a surgical specialty with the main focus being on improving a patient's appearance with a surgical procedure that reconstructs or alters a part of their body. You can learn some more about plastic surgery here, including examples of different issues plastic surgery is commonly used for. 

Plastic surgery can help someone with a birth defect

There are many types of birth defects a baby can be born with. One example is a cleft palate. A cleft palate happens when the roof of the mouth has tissue that has not connected completely. Some cleft palates consist of the front and back parts being open. While some cleft palates aren't very noticeable, others can be severe and cause severe disfigurement that affects the child's appearance, speech, and ability to eat. Plastic surgery can be done to help correct a cleft palate. 

Plastic surgery can help someone with burns

A person can have a first-degree burn, which is a mild burn that can generally be treated with an ointment, a bandage, and proper care. A person can have a second-degree burn that affects the dermis and this is the middle part of skin where nerves, glands, and enzymes are located. This type of burn will be red, blistered, and painful. It is treated with antibiotics including antibiotic creams and IV fluids. This type of burn can leave noticeable scarring. A third-degree burn is the most serious, and it is a burn that goes down to the fat layer located under the dermis. This burn can cause the skin to look stiff and leathery, and there will be serious scarring. It often takes skin grafts done by a plastic surgeon to close the wounds. Plastic surgeons can treat the skin immediately to help with the emergency situation, and they can also perform surgeries later on to help the person improve the appearance of areas with permanent scarring. 

Plastic surgeons can help with appearance concerns

A person may have something about their appearance that bothers them. For example, someone may have a nose they feel is too large for their liking. They can have a plastic surgeon bring down the large parts of their nose and change the way it looks. Another example is when someone has breasts they feel are too small. They can have breast augmentation surgery to get larger, fuller breasts they will be happy with.