Three Ways to Help Prevent Scarring after an Injury

Getting hurt isn't something that anyone wants to go through, but it can also have some unwanted after effects, as well. Many people who experience injuries and wounds end up developing scars over the affected region once healing has completed. If you're worried about a wound that you have potentially causing scars and want to try and avoid it, here's what you should know and do.

Get Medical Assistance

First things first: you'll need to get medical assistance, preferably from a wound care doctor. Medical professionals will be able to treat your wound and inspect it for signs of infection. It's important to not let infections take root, as the tissue can be damaged by the inflammatory response of the body fighting off the infection. While this is a necessary process to prevent your body from becoming ill from a raging infection, with the help of proper wound care, cleaning, and antibiotics, your body can get a helping hand and thus reduces the risk of developing scarring.

Sun Protection

After your wound has been cared for, you'll want to take care of it by protecting it from the sun. While a little bit of sun exposure daily is healthy for you, your skin is damaged right now and doesn't have its usual defenses. As a result, exposure to UV rays and sunlight can potentially lead to an increased risk of scarring and sunburn. Thankfully, reducing this risk is easy. Stay inside during the brightest hours of the day, cover up when you're near a window or outside, even if it's cloudy, and wear sunscreen whenever you go outside. Finding a sunscreen that's gentle enough to use on your wound is something to discuss with your wound care doctor.

Let Your Body Heal

Finally, it's important to let your body recover as it needs to. When flesh wounds are sealed up by the body by scabs, it can lead to itching and irritation of the region. However, it's imperative that you leave these scabs alone. Even if it's partially come off but is still connected in other areas, leave it alone until the body fully releases it on its own.

Pulling off a scab ahead of time can cause scarring, especially pitted scarring. This is problematic because pitted scarring is particularly difficult to treat with over-the-counter products, and generally requires dermal fillers after the healing is complete to restore a normal appearance.

If you have additional questions or concerns, your wound care doctor is there to support you. Feel free to ask professionals questions at Wells Surgical Services LLC and find additional ways to protect yourself from scarring.