Can You Soften The Wrinkles Around Your Mouth?

If wrinkles begin to show up around your mouth and chin, ask a cosmetic specialist to soften them for you. Many things cause wrinkles to develop around the mouth area, including age, sun damage, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. A specialist can soften and plump the skin around your mouth with dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments. Learn more about mouth wrinkles and how you can soften them below.

What Are Mouth Wrinkles?

Your skin depends on special proteins such as collagen to keep it pliable, soft, and youthful. However, your skin loses some or most of its collagen as you age. A loss of collagen causes some of the tissues on your face to sag and wrinkle, including the area around your mouth. 

Wrinkles, or lines, can develop anywhere in the mouth area, including on the surfaces of your lips and around the corners of your lips. Wrinkles can also show up on the skin above the top lip. The lines can gradually become deep enough to change the natural landscape of your face. 

You can try to minimize the wrinkles around your mouth with anti-aging creams, lip balms, and serums. However, unless you soften the skin around your mouth with dermal fillers and other treatments, the wrinkles will only become worse with time. 

How Do You Soften Your Wrinkles?

Dermal fillers, or anti-aging fillers, contain key ingredients designed to soften and smoothen your skin, including hyaluronic acid and collagen. Collagen makes the skin on your lips appear plump and more elastic. Hyaluronic acid adds moisture to the skin around your mouth, which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You'll need to see a cosmetic specialist for the beauty fillers you need. A specialist will examine the skin on and around your mouth carefully before they administer your treatments. The examination helps a specialist choose fillers that work best for you. 

The amount of fillers you need to improve your skin may vary, depending on your specific situation. For example, if you have very deep lines around the corners of your mouth, a specialist may need to treat you for several months. For the best results, the treatments may need sufficient time to relax and soften your skin. 

If you have multiple problem areas around your mouth, a specialist may administer or inject an anti-aging facelift filler into your skin. Facelift fillers soften and firm your entire face or parts of it. 

Learn more about mouth wrinkles and how fillers can help soften them by contacting a local business, like Capitis Medical and Aesthetics.